Vpart is a dynamic small company with a global reach. We seek to employ only those people who have the potential to become the best in the world in their field!

This means that we don't employ qualifications - we employ people! People who can grow and develop as our business grows and develops. We are a diverse group with experience in law, graphic design, accounting, engineering, logistics and obviously parts!

We believe in keeping our team diverse to ensure that we can constantly improve our business and respond to customer's needs! This will allow us to become one of the leader in agricultural spare parts.

Have a look below at some of our teams that we have within the business. Please feel free to contact us using the human resources link on right if you believe that you can make a contribution to our team.

Human Resources

Andrew Shaw: +27 (0)7 33 22 5822

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Purchasing & Quality Control

The purchasing and quality control team are responsible for manufacturing and sourcing parts globally and ensuring that all our parts meet the highest quality standards.

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Our Multimedia team ensures that our marketing material meets the highest standards and is up to date and accurate. Web marketing, graphic design and packaging design are daily activities!

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Our commitment to the highest quality standards means that we want the highest quality accounting staff. Our accounting team embody our core values of integrity, quality, and commitment

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Logistics & Warehousing

With service being one of our core values, the logistics and warehousing teams are a buzz of activity! Ensuring that customer's orders are picked, packed and shipped as soon as possible!

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Sales & Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing team makes sure that we support our customers and distributors throughout the world. Building relationships across cultures and continents are daily activities!